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  • Crib Mattress Chemical Free
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  • Wool Baby Mattress
  • Safe Crib Mattress
  • Safe Crib Mattress
  • Wool Baby Mattress
  • Crib Mattress Chemical Free

Snuggles Chemical Free Crib Mattress - Wool & 4" Coconut - Extra Firm



Crib Mattress Chemical Free

The Snuggles Chemical Free Crib Mattress is the perfect best option for chemical free sleeping. The Organic Crib Mattress features 4 inches of All Natural Coconut Coir surrounded by layers of American Grown Virgin Wool . The virgin wool helps to regulate baby's body temperature and wicks away moisture, allowing your baby to sleep more comfortably. The moisture reducing ability of wool also prohibits the growth of bacteria or dust mites, making this mattress not only comfortable but good for your baby's health.

The durability, support, and added temperature control of wool make our Snuggles Chemical Free Crib Mattress the perfect choice to keep your baby comfortable year round. The natural ingredients in our Coconut Organic Crib Mattress provide restful sleep to infants and will provide you with the peace of mind that your baby is sleeping naturally and comfortably!

Each one of our Snuggles Organic Crib Mattress is handmade locally at the time of your order and shipped factory direct from our California Warehouse.

Regular Price: $579.95

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Regular Price: $579.95

Special Price $202.98


Coconut Organic Crib Mattress

  • 100% Chemical Free Crib Mattress
  • 28 x 52 Inches
  • Anti-Microbial & Dust Mite Resistant
  • Zero Chance Of Off Gassing
  • Pesticide Free
  • Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Materials
  • Designed For Everyday Use As A Crib Mattress
Added Coconut Coir For Superior Durability
  • Extra Firm 100% Natural Organic Coconut Fiber Coir
  • Tested At 41 ILD
  • Infused With Organic and 100% Chemical Free Latex
Natural Virgin Wool
  • Natural Repellent Of Moisture
  • Ideal Temperature Control For Any Season
  • 10 Lbs. Of Wool For Natural Loft & Spring
  • Harvested From Sheep Raised Humanely in the USA
  • Utilized as a Natural Fire Barrier
USDA Certified Organic Cotton
  • Pesticide Free
  • Causes Fewer Allergies vs. Conventional Cotton
  • Softer Than Conventionally Grown Cotton
  • Renewable & Sustainable
Organic Cotton Case
  • Hand Crafted GOTS certified Organic Cover
  • Made from Organic American Grown Cotton


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Get a custom Coco crib mattress hand made by the experts!

This mattress can be made to order with any customization you need! Every mattress you see is available in any size and hand crafted! Learn more about the benefits of every ingredient we use when you visit our custom mattress page!

We can deliver any Coconut Organic Crib Mattress locally and nationwide!

Find out how you can receive free shipping to anywhere in the united states when you build your own set!

Try our Coconut Organic Crib Mattress collection in one of our California retail stores!

Stop by one of our 11 California Retail Locations and try our mattresses in store!

Learn about our 30-day-comfort guarantee included with premium Coconut Organic Crib Mattress options!

We want everyone to have the chance to experience our collection in home so your comfort is guaranteed! See our 30 Day Comfort Guarantee!

Safe Crib Mattress

This All Natural Chemical Free and Safe Crib Mattress is completely free of chemical flame retardants and will not off-gas. The organic cotton case, virgin wool, and all natural coconut fiber core create a supportive non-toxicsleeping surface for your baby. When your baby is sleeping for most of day, you want to be sure that baby is comfortable and safe. The all natural Wool Baby Mattress doesn’t include any synthetic or blended latex. Our Snuggles Coco crib mattress is trusted by moms that wish to provide absolute comfort without any compromises. The best natural sleep products for the whole family can be found here online at The Futon Shop! View our Wool Baby Mattress collection made with natural coconut to provide the firm support pediatricians recommend for growing infants.

The Futon Shop is a founding member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council! The Futon Shop is a Founding Member of the SFC

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Product Dimension Diagram

Size A wall space (inches) B height (inches) C depth (inches) D extension
(for love seats only)
Crib Mattress52428 
Feel Firm
Case Organic
Tufted No
Lifespan 2 - 10 Years
Bendable No
Flippable Yes
Every Night Use Yes

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Customer Reviews

  • Quality
    love it
    Review by scotton 6/14/2016
    The snuggles crib mattress is the best firm crib mattress for my baby Sonja. Sonja is sleeping through the night there is no smell or strange dipping in the mattress it is just perfect.
  • Great independent sleeping for infants!
    Review by MACon 4/26/2016
    Our school, the Montessori Academy of Colorado (MAC), recently purchased new futon mattresses for our Nido (infant) classrooms. MAC is a large school of more than 200 students, 28 of which are infants. We value children creating their own independence in a safe and nurturing environment while always conforming to safe sleep standards. To us, this means children sleep on futon mattresses in a nap room attached to their classroom. Children can choose when they want to sleep and when they want to wake by crawling in and out of the nap room and onto their futon. Our teachers support each child by being able to sit on the child’s level to support them falling asleep. Even in group care, the use of a futon mattress on the floor allows for us to give individual attention while still working with a group. We decided to purchase new futons because our older ones were a bit outdated; they were covered in vinyl and didn’t support children the way we wanted them to. The day the Futon Shop mattresses arrived, we noticed a difference in the children’s sleep. The children slept longer and more soundly than they did on the old futons. Our parents also appreciate that their children are now sleeping on a chemical free mattress. The mattresses are sturdy and visually appealing, and we know they will serve the MAC children for years to come!