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Tranquility Wool Futon Mattress

Wool Futon Mattress Bed San Francisco | Tranquility
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Natural Fire Retardant Free Wool Futon Bed's

Tranquility Wool Futon Mattress - Chemical Free Wool - Soft & Supportive

Key Mattress Features:

  • All Natural Chemical Free
  • 8-inch Soft Wool Futon Mattress or bed mattress.
  • 15-20 year life expectancy with everyday use.
  • Includes the following natural and eco-friendly mattress ingredients:
Natural Virgin Wool
  • Natural Moisture & Temperature Relief.
  • 14-32 lbs of Natural Loft & Spring.
    (depending on the size mattress)
  • Virgin Wool is above and below a layer of 353 4 inch double tempered coils
  • Wool is hypoallergenic, resistant to bacteria, mold and mildew which can trigger allergic reactions in some people.
  • Dust-mites don't like wool
  • Eco-friendly wool comes from the replenishing fleece of sheep, making it a natural, renewable resource.
  • Sustainable sheep grow a new fleece of wool each year. What is more, sheep live on vegetation, which is also self replenishing.
  • Animal friendly no sheep are killed in the harvest of wool.
353 Double-Tempered Steel Coils
  • Bonnell Spring Design.
  • Made from tempered recycled steel.
  • Consistent Support.
  • Lasting Resilience.
  • Your choice of poly-cotton casing or Organic Cotton Cover
  • Chemical free, organically grown no pesticides.
  • Removable and washable Organic and Natural Support.
  • Eco-Friendly Natural bedding.
  • Made in America.

  • Natural

    Natural Wool Futon Mattress

    The Tranquility Wool Chemical Free Bed is one of the ONLY petro-chemical free available on the market today. We hand make this Wool Futon Mattress with 100% Pure American Virgin Wool resting above and below 353 4 steel Bonnell coils.

    The Bonnell Coil In This All Wool Mattress

    The 353 Bonnell coils are each 4 inches in height that practically eliminate motion transfer due to its fortified recycled steel springs and long-lasting fabric providing overall surface consistency and improved weight distribution allowing you to sleep deeper and longer. These coils are surrounded by durable 100% pure American virgin wool.

    Benefits of Wool

    It naturally regulates body temperature, is hypoallergenic and flame resistant. The structures of the wool fibers and the natural lanolin allow moisture to pass through without itself absorbing it. The lack of moisture on the fiber prevents the growth of mold and mildew. Further, dust mites are repelled as they need this moisture to survive. Each fiber can be bent back on itself more than 20,000 times without breaking, compared to about 3,000 times for cotton and 2,000 times for silk. This trait makes wool more resistant to tearing adding years of life to your mattress. The crimp in the wool adds spring and bounce to this organic mattress. The capacity to absorb makes wool a temperature regulator, making it cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

    The Benefits of a Wool Mattress

    • Wool regulates body temperature - natural moisture-wicking properties
    • Wool is hypoallergenic, resistant to bacteria, mold and mildew
    • Wool is flame-resistant - Because of its unique chemical structure, wool is difficult to ignite
    • Dust-mites don't like wool and dust mites need moisture to survive

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    Tranquility Wool Futon Mattress - Dimensions

    Product Dimensions Diagram
    A wall space (inches) B height (inches) C depth (inches)


       Twin XL

       Full Double


       Eastern King

       Cal King

       Twin Loveseat

       Full Loveseat

       Queen Loveseat


    The Futon Shop Logo

    "Home of the World's
    Greenest Futons since 1976"

    The Futon Shop manufactures in the heart of San Francisco these organic and green futon mattresses by combining the most pure & natural ingredients creating comfortable & natural mattresses for sofa and platform beds. Certified Organic cotton, American grown Virgin Wool , chemically free Dunlop Latex , Soy-based foams and Soy-based memory foam, double tempered steel springs is what makes these mattresses so special. We have been manufacturing natural and organic mattresses for over 30 years.

    The Futon Shop Puts a special focus on Green, Organic and Fair Trade products

    Natural Cotton          USDA Organic          Sustainable Forest Management          Fair Trade          Made In the USA

    Where ever possible, The Futon Shop seeks to buy organic and fair trade ceritified. Many of the products we sell carry certifications from one or more eco-friendly organizations. We have sought to put our certifications on the website where we can so you can make the informed choice for yourself and for the planet. As members of the Sustainable Furniture Council and Organic Trade Association. we stay abreast of the most exciting natural components to offer you in our manufacturing process.

    This Tranquility Wool Futon Mattress is lovingly hand made in San Francisco by our team of highly trained futon specialists

    Organic Natural Wool Mattress

    This Natural Organic Wool Mattress is lovingly hand made by our team of highly skilled futon specialists out of the following materials:

    • 54-81 pounds of wool
      Depending on size of mattress.

    Mattress Cotton

    Why Cotton?
    • Cotton is often referred to as ???the fabric of our lives?? and for good reason. We come in contact with items made from cotton every day. The clothes you wear, the sheets you sleep on, the diapers you put on your baby and even some of the food you eat have been made with cotton.
    • Cotton is a natural, renewable fiber and is also biodegradable.
    • Cotton breathes, so it stays cool. It is also a great conductor of heat. In other words, it draws heat away from your skin to keep you cool, making it most comfortable to wear & sleep on.
    • Cotton is hypoallergenic meaning it doesn't irritate sensitive skin or cause allergies. It is also good for asthmatics.
    • Cotton absorbs moisture easily and can take up to one fifth of its weight in water before it actually feels damp. Cotton absorbs body moisture and evaporates it to the surrounding air, thus allowing your body its natural tendency to breathe - keeping you cool in summer and dry and warm in winter. Not only are you more comfortable in cotton, you are healthier sleeping on it!
    • Cotton has individuality & character. Each fiber grows a little differently--with sunshine & soil--and takes on characteristics that indicate its life & style... just like the people who sleep on it.
    • Cotton fiber has soft natural tips from where it is harvested from the seed boll giving a smooth sensual hand, unlike consistent length synthetics that have circular cut edges from being chopped to specific fiber length. Cotton is never itchy and its an outstanding insulator which allows it provide warmth in the summer & heat in the winter. It's not only what you want on your skin, its what you want in a mattress!

    Why U.S. Cotton?
    • Cotton is a natural, renewable, biodegradable and sustainable fiber. To ensure that the population can continue to reap cotton??s natural benefits, today and in the future, the U.S. cotton industry is committed to the sustainable production of cotton, including utilizing new technology that positively impacts cotton??s environmental footprint. The U.S. cotton industry supports sustainability and the goal of environmental, economic, health and social responsibility for production agriculture.
    • We utilize long fiber Egyptian staple cotton grown in the western United States.

    Once upon a time most of each dollar that was spent on food went to those who grew it. Today almost none of it does... Small & local farmers are the true unsung heroes of our time who still practice truly sustainable agriculture. That is, they are the ones who know how to grow our food in such a way that is not harmful to our own health, to their own health and the health of their families, and to the health of all life. Sadly, small local & organic farmers have gotten the short end of the stick in our current global commerce system. At The Futon Shop, we envision a commitment to local agriculture, where the lives of those who grow, harvest, produce and bring it to you are affected for the good.

    • Our Organic Cotton comes from Texas Organic Cotton Marketing Cooperative (TOCMC), the largest organic cotton cooperative in America with 10,000 acres, grows all of the cotton used in Organic Essentials products. Unlike traditional cotton farmers, the cooperative does not use pesticides, fungicides, fertilizers and defoliants that are harmful to the environment. Organic Essentials?? mission is to expand organic agriculture by building the world??s leading brand of certified organic cotton personal care products. Organic Cotton You Can Trust!

    Virgin Wool

    American Crimped Wool fiber has a natural crimp due to its unique chemical and physical structure. This adds loft and natural comfort to our mattresses. Because it is naturally elastic and resilient, wool gives all our mattresses many unique properties: durability, loft, warmth and resistance to abrasion.

    Durability & Resilience
    Each wool fiber is a molecular coil spring making the fiber remarkably elastic. These wool fibers adds many years of comfort and life to our mattresses. Nature has folded the chemical polypeptide chains back upon themselves in such a way that they act like a coiled spring which elongates when it is extended and retracts when it is released. This molecular crimp, along with the 3-dimensional fiber, allows wool fibers to be stretched up to 50% when wet and 30% when dry, and still bounce back to their original shape when stress is released. A wool fiber can be bent back on itself more than 20,000 times without breaking, compared to about 3,000 times for cotton and 2,000 times for silk

    Natural Absorbency

    Wool is a hygroscopic fiber; it takes up moisture in vapor form. We lose 30% of our water during sleep, therefore our mattresses with wool help to wick away our natural moisture and adds years of life to your mattresses. Wool can easily absorb up to 30 percent of its weight in moisture without feeling damp or clammy. Wool always absorbs moisture from the atmosphere of greater humidity and releases it to the drier environment as it creates a balance in moisture conditions. This characteristic makes a wool futon warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

    Resistance to Flame

    Because wool contains moisture in every fiber, it resists flame without chemical treatment. Instead of burning freely when touched by flame, wool chars and stops burning when it is removed from the source of the flame. Wool is self-extinguishing; it will not support combustion.

    Wool Futon Bed Mattress San Francisco


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