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The Tango Natural Oak Platform Bed Frame in Colored Finish

The Tango Natural Oak Wood Platform Bed Frame in Colored Finish
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Tango Natural Oak Wood Platform Bed Frame Colored Finish
The Tango Natural Oak Wood Platform Bed Frame is made from sustainable Oak hardwoods grown in responsible managed American forests and is now available in 8 Colored Finishes. No formaldehyde emitting glues or fumigated with poisons only simple linseed oil no petroleum or heavy metal toxins. Quality workmanship carved this heavy duty and visually imposing frame directly from naturally finished and polished wood. Featuring this beautiful natural finish and a flat-edged, economic design, this piece offers enduring rustic charm.

TangoNatural Organic Wood Platform Bed Frame Oak

Key product features:

  • Solid American Oak Hardwood
  • 8 Different Colored Finishes to Choose From
  • 12.75 platform height standard
  • Hardwood slats (2.5 wide spaced 3 apart)
  • Available in sizes ranging from Twin to King
  • Futon mattress, slip cover and matching Bedroom furniture sold separately.
  • Limited warranty

The Tango Natural Oak Platform Bed Frame in Colored Finish - Dimensions

Product Dimensions Diagram
A wall space (inches) B height (inches) C depth (inches) D foot board height (inches)


   Twin XL

   Full Double

   Full Double X-Long


   Eastern King

   Cal King


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Dapwood Logo

Dapwood is a boutique manufacturing company located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. who designs and build products out of American woods that are FSC certified SOLID hardwoods with no finish or a simple flaxseed oil.. They look at every order to give it the care and attention it requires. Some may consider them old fashioned but they know how to make a better product when human hands are working the wood every step of the way. By building in this way it allows them to make a great product and allows you to get the exact bed frame you wanted- not something 'close enough'. They make a difference and hope that you do too as they build a quality product that is safe for you, good for the environment and will last a lifetime.


We strive to make the safest, highest quality products available. We make products that last. We focus on premium, solid American hardwoods grown in nature- not man-made materials. We currently have three collections:

Avant- designed to be the focus of a room
Mod- more contemporary products with a wider selection of hardwood options
Slim- our most established products

We go to great lengths to find the best woods, hardware, finish, etc. and want to share what we have found.


Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an internationally recognized program that signifies responsible forestry. Our hardwood lumber supplier’s 50,000+ acres of timberland are all FSC certified. By utilizing wood from FSC forests, we encourage sustainable practices that lead to long-term environmental stability.

Furthermore, we believe that the US grows some of the best hardwoods on the planet in a responsible manner.


Linseed (or sometimes called Flaxseed) oil is one of the oldest oils known to mankind. You may see something called “Boiled Linseed Oil” in home centers but that product is far removed from our finish. We only use the natural oil from the Flax plant that is heated in the absence of oxygen. This heating polymerizes the oil and allows it to cure faster. Linseed oil has a slight “grass-like” odor that dissipates over time. This odor assures you that the product is natural and doesn’t contain metal driers or other petroleum based products. The oil we use is the same product (only heated) that you might find in a natural foods store for sale as a nutritional supplement.


We only use natural cotton for the strapping that holds the bed slats together as well as for dresser drawers. While we understand that cotton production can often use high amounts of pesticides we still feel it is a better choice over petroleum-based plastics such as nylon and polyester. It is our goal to find suppliers of more environmentally friendly products such as hemp, jute or organic cotton.


We have nothing against people or companies that are not lucky enough to live in the beautiful Southwest. We just try to work with local or regional suppliers so that we can have a larger, positive effect on the local scale instead of being lost in nationwide numbers. Working locally creates lasting friendships that make life more enjoyable. Donating our time and money to local charities also allows us to see our efforts at work first hand. We have donated time and products to All Faiths Receiving Home which helps children in difficult situations. We have also donated to Keshet Dance Company to help with at-risk kids. We also participate in the annual Albuquerque Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk. We feel it is critical to show our support for this important cause and also walk in remembrance of a dear friend we lost to breast cancer at only 41 years of age.


We do the usual recycling of cardboard, paper, plastics, aluminum, glass, tin, light bulbs, steel, etc. and buy paper products with high post-consumer waste percentages. We are also sure to purchase cardboard boxes that use recycled content in the fluted corrugated sheet. From these efforts we have seen a dramatic decrease in waste generation. 3 years ago, the previous owner would empty the dumpster twice a week. Today we generate less waste than an average household of four. For those 3 years, we have calculated that we have diverted over 30,000 ft3 of materials that would otherwise be wasting away in a landfill. Compared to some other businesses, that amount of waste might be considered just a drop in a bucket. However, if all businesses would focus on reducing waste, the total impact would be enormous.


We donate pieces of wood that we cannot use to a local charity, East Central Ministries, that then uses them to create products to help support those in need. As the pieces of wood get smaller and are not usable in projects, the wood goes to individuals who use wood as their only source of heat in the winter. We believe this is something to be proud of.


We are also working to “Up-cycle” what most might consider trash. It is our goal to produce no waste and turn a business cost into a value-added product. To get to that stage, we have started a project with a leading national laboratory to look at options to utilize the sawdust and shavings that we generate on a daily basis. We will evaluate small-scale heat and power production for our shop. Additionally we will evaluate making everyday products like wood pellets, fire starters and liquid smoke. Most exciting of the options to explore is the production of biochar which stores carbon in a stable form that is also beneficial for soil and plant health. Biochar is a hot topic that could play a major role in reducing the amount of carbon in our atmosphere.


It is our desire to set an example and be 'off the grid' so we will be evaluating the use of solar panels for our new facility to produce the power we need to operate our equipment daily. Until then, we have taken some steps to use renewable energy and increase energy efficiency.

Renewable Energy

We participate in our local electric company renewable energy program. PNM Sky Blue uses 136 turbines turned by New Mexico’s plentiful wind energy. PNM has an aggressive program to provide its customers with clean energy and expects to produce about 594,000 megawatt hours of electricity every year that would otherwise need to be generated with fossil fuel or nuclear options.

Energy Conservation

More than half of the employees that work here carpool to work everyday! How many companies can equal that? Additionally, we are in the process of moving our company to a more central location in the city of Albuquerque to cut down on use of gasoline by employees and suppliers. By helping in the urban renewal of the city’s core we also aid in reducing urban sprawl. Lastly, we use high efficiency fluorescent bulbs and will be converting to higher efficiency LEDs.

Tango Natural Oak Wood Platform Bed Frame in Colored Finish


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