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Phiten Renew Mattress Latex Topper

Best Latex Topper

  • Provides Superior Pressure Relief
  • Adds Years Of Life To Any Mattress
  • Solid Latex For Complete Support
  • Infused With Phiten For Extra Durability & More Restful Sleep
  • Designed For Every Night Sleep
Phiten Infused Case
  • Adds Supreme Durability
  • Chosen & Trusted By Athletes
  • Controls Temperature To Eliminate Inadequacies Of Regular Foams
  • Results In A More Restful Sleep
100% Chemical Free Pure Dunlop Latex
  • 2 Inches Of Constant Reflex
  • Provides Superior Motion Isolation For Pressure Relief On Joints
  • Anti-Microbial & Dust Mite Resistant


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Phiten Renew Mattress Topper

This Phiten Renew Mattress Topper is designed to provide conforming support. Designed exclusively by The Futon Shop's Sleep Technicians to support your body's natural rejuvenating process while you rest. Our Phiten Renew Mattress Topper is made with materials chosen by Athletes on and off the field. To help you renew yourself we have added a removable and washable Phiten infused Cotton Cover with your purchase.

If you are looking for extra longevity check out our selection of mattress protectors also available in any size.

We ship or deliver to anywhere in the United States!

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We want everyone to have the chance to experience our collection in home so your comfort is guaranteed!

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Phiten Renew Mattress Topper

A More Restful Sleep For Athletes

With over 130 Phiten store locations spread out through all of Japan, the Phiten brand has become a mainstay and a symbol of sports and wellness within the land of the rising sun. Phiten has been gaining notoriety and exposure on the field at sporting events and during historical sporting moments throughout the years Phiten has won the trust amongst world class athletes throughout the world. Phiten® holds over 100 patents worldwide and is the maker of AQUA-METALS™, a collection of proprietary and unique metal-infused wellness technologies. Phiten works by stabilizing the electric flow that nerves use to communicate in the body. “Phi-Ten” is derived from the Greek letter “Phi”, F and the exponent 10 which symbolizes at common goal between Phiten and The Futon Shop: To maximize the perfect balance found in the natural world. Now with a performance futon or mattress made with Phiten you can add increased durability to your mattress while adding the materials athletes trust to help focus and aid in their performance.

Why We Choose The Dunlop Process

Harnessing The Power of the Elements

Compounding - Compounds are made only from 100% natural latex, tapped from a rubber tree with no fillers or additives

Vulcanizing - Steam cure technique creates core engineered with thousands of stainless steel pinholes of the right size and shape to give the most efficient vulcanization. This makes our latex comfortable and durable . These pins keep the natural latex characteristics undisturbed through the vulcanizing process.

Washing - A multi-cycle washing method using drinkable quality water ensures clean and pure latex mattress cores.

Drying and conditioning - Drying and conditioning by drying mechanism is enhances the natural feel of the product and eliminates all residual moisture.

Completely Customizable Support Options

Understanding I.L.D. Measurements

We offer the following latex ILDS: Soft: 18-22, Medium: 23-27,
Firm: 34-38, and Extra Extra Firm 45-49

I.L.D., or Indentation load deflection is measured by putting a 15x15x4 specimen of latex in a machine known as an indentometer and measuring the weight required to push the latex down to different levels of compression. The three step process reads in order of normal pressure (25% compression), extreme pressure (65% compression), and then back to normal (25% compression.)

The indention level is calculated according to pressure divided by thickness to help provide an explanation of how much weight each density naturally holds. When customizing remember that stacking cores with different density readings provides unique results. An I.L.D. rating of 10 lbs. at 25% means that it takes 10 lbs. to compress the foam 25%. At 65% the I.L.D. rating changes dramatically and will have a significantly higher figure thanks to the materials natural reflex. After compression at 65% readings are retested at 25% to ensure proper reflex. 25% is generally the I.L.D. rating for a person of normal body weight and the reading that we generally use to categorize our latex.

Today I.F.D, or Indentation force deflection, is used interchangeably with I.L.D. Know that both mean the same thing and are used interchangeably. Choosing latex density and reading firmness levels is easy, just remember that ideal indention levels should be at around 25% for the most longevity.

Firmness vs. Density

DENSITY - A Lbs. per cubic foot is simply the DENSITY of the latex and is not related to I.L.D. at all.

Foam or latex can have a high I.L.D. with low density and conversely a low I.L.D. on a high density material when comparing to others.

Remember that choosing I.L.D. has nothing to do with quality, it merely indicates the softness or the hardness of a piece of latex and is another tool for you to understand the testing that has already been done on your mattress core to ensure proper manufacturing.

Latex Densities Available:Soft: Holds 70-75 Lbs per square ft., Medium: Holds 75-80 lbs per square ft,
Firm: Holds 85-90 lbs per square ft, Extra Extra Firm Holds 95-100 lbs per square ft

The Benefits of Chemical Free Toppers

While we do recommend completely replacing any mattress that is over ten years old our mattress toppers are a great way to experience the benefits of sleeping chemical free without completely replacing. A mattress topper made of natural wool can be better for your health and add years of life to your mattress. The natural moisture wicking properties of wool helps to lessen the harmful effects of perspiration that your body naturally produces at night. With a wool topper your body is cradled with comfort, cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. For a bed that allows you to sleep on a surface free of chemicals without having to fully replace and break your budget choose any Mattress Topper from The Futon Shop!

Phiten Renew Mattress Latex Topper - Dimensions

Product Dimensions Diagram

Sofa A wall space (inches) B height (inches) C depth (inches)
Twin XL39280
Full Double54275
Cal King72284
Eastern King76280


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