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Soy Memory Foam Futon Mattresses with Soy-Based Memory Foam

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Life Enhancement Memory Foam Futon Mattress Collection features:
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Slow recovery Memory Foam Futon Mattresses, made green utilizing the only memory foam made with soybean oil! Hand made in San Francisco - benefit from Memory Foam Mattresses without petro-chemicals.

Memory Foam Cotton Soy Mattress Firm - Soybean 4lb Slow Recovery Memory Foam Futon - Firm Long Lasting Futon

list: $969.95 now: $339.48
Memory Foam Cotton Futon Mattress Firm - Sit or Sleep on Slow Recovery Memory Foam Good for Platform Beds

Full Double
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Memory Foam Futon Mattress Firm

list: $1,299.95 now: $454.98
Memory Foam Spring Futon Mattress Soft - Upgrade to Organic!

Full Double
list: $1,259.95 now: $440.98

From the Farm to your Futon

Memory Foam Mattress

San Francisco, CA (SFGATE) March 27, 2012

Farm to Bedroom is the newest concept in organic and local offerings in the wool mattresses and organic mattresses business. Never before has this concept been adopted by a company looking to make an impact in the health and well being of its consumers. The Futon Shop from San Francisco has made this their mission.

Farm-to-table (or farm-to-fork) refers to food safety and the stages of production in food harvesting, storage, processing, packaging, sales, and consumption.

What is Farm-to-bedroom?

Farm-to-bedroom refers to a movement concerned with producing home furnishing and mattresses from organic materials locally harvested, naturally processed, and chemical free. Farm-to-bedroom is also associated with organic farming initiatives and sustainable agriculture in which the very furniture, sofa beds and mattresses you use is manufactured using these natural resources. This takes place in The Futon Shop's manufacturing plant located in San Francisco and distributed to their 10 showrooms throughout the state. The Futon Shop is a vertically integrated retailer that manufacturers 33 organic and green mattresses from start to finish. The company dates back to 1976 led by Suzanne Diamond and her team of specialists dedicated to producing eco friendly furniture and bedding.

What does this mean for the consumer?

Today it is not only “you are what you eat,” but "you are where you sleep" or in other words "you are where you live." Farm-to-bedroom brings locally made, natural and healthy furniture into America’s homes. In today’s fast paced world the bedroom is often overlooked although more time is spent in bed then on any other piece of furniture in a home.

How does Farm-to-bedroom work?

Here are some examples of how farm-to bedroom works. Farmers in the southwest herd sheep, and shear the wool in the spring. Sheep are harvested for wool not meat and the wool is harvested year after year. This wool is purchased by The Futon Shop in San Francisco. This natural wool is then felted into bats and layered into their Organic wool mattress collection. Organic cotton is harvested in cotton cooperatives and then brokered by The Futon Shop for use in their organic mattress collections. Farm-to-bedroom by The Futon Shop offers consumers a back to basic alternative that is chemically free, naturally healthy and offers comfort as well as long term health benefits. The vibratory nature of our existence and surroundings shapes who we are on a subconscious level. A more natural existence will not only contribute to a healthy lifestyle but a more pleasant mental state. Farm-to-bedroom can cause a ripple effect that will translate to a healthier and more peaceful society while supporting the local eco system. The Futon Shop hopes to spark this movement with their mattress collections designed for sofa beds and platform bed frames.

The home should not be a chemically produced separation from the natural habitat but rather an extension of the natural surroundings. There is no reason that you can’t live in style and feel good about your eco footprint.

Organically yours, The Futon Shop

33 Organic Mattresses

"From Farm to Bedroom producing mattresses from organic materials locally harvested, naturally processed, and chemical free."

Suzanne Diamond
The Futon Shop

Shahn Miller
The Futon Shop

Memory Foam Futon Mattress

How our soybean memory foam futon mattresses promote better sleep?

Density is what puts the “memory” in memory foam. The foam mattress core reacts immediately to your body and gently conforms to your exact shape. The Life Enhancement Collection is manufacture with 3 and 4 lbs densities in all memory Foam futon mattresses. The result is supreme comfort that promotes better sleep.

At The Futon Shop, we are proud to offer soybean memory foam mattresses and futons that are as healthy for the environment as they are for your body. Our high performance, highly breathable memory foam futon mattresses utilize renewable resources, replacing portions of the petroleum-based raw materials in conventional memory foam with natural, agriculturally derived ingredients with no harmful fire retardants. And our Variable Pressure Foaming method produces a high quality product with no solvents or potentially harmful blowing agents. In fact, the machinery used in the VPF method earns a zero-emissions rating from the California EPA.

Our soybean memory foam mattresses and futons are better because:
  • Superior cell structure provides shape-conforming comfort that molds to your body.
  • Up to 8 times the air flow efficiency of traditional visco elastic foam.
  • Dissipates heat up to 10 times faster than traditional memory foams.
  • Durable design — your memory foam mattress will maintain its performance for years.
  • Antimicrobial properties provide added protection.
  • No poisonous fire retardants.
  • Less inherent petro-chemical.

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