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Green Lighting - Purple Durian Fiber Table Lamp
The shade of this beautiful and unique lamp is crafted from fibers picked from the durian fruit tree. Durian fruit is, on average, the size of a soccer ball and its distinctive taste and smell usually is not appreciated by westerners, but is a very important domestic fruit in many Asian countries. These fibers are stained with natural dyes and inlaid on a heat resistant lamp backing, giving the shade bold color and unique texture. The outer lampshade is made of nito vine forming a visual second line of wrapping and a striking modern look. All of this surrounds an unobtrusive metal frame that provides inner stability without detracting from this organic lamp's wild look.

Key Product Ingredients

  • shade material - durian fruit fiber
  • frame & body - nito vine wrapped cast iron
  • bulb suggested - compact fluorescent

Bulb Requirements

  • Compact fluorescent light bulbs are highly recommended. these bulbs will get nice and bright without the added heat of a standard incandescent bulb. these bulbs also last much longer, in many cases over five years. on average, a 13-watt fluorescent bulb will create the same lumens of light as a standard 60-watt light bulb and a 26-watt fluorescent light bulb will have the same light output as a 100-watt incandescent bulb. please check with the manufacturer of a specific bulb for its specs.
  • Fluorescent light bulbs are considered to be a great alternative to standard light bulbs since they promote energy efficiency. Compact florescent light bulbs have allowed us to create beautiful artistic lighting made out of organic materials that is still functional.
  • If an incandescent bulb is used, we suggest a maximum of 40-watts.

Lamp sizes: Table Lamp
Length: 6 inches
Width: 6 inches
Height: 15 inches
* Maintenance: We recommend against placing your lamp in direct sunlight. If cleaning is required, use a dry cloth or duster. We do not suggest liquid cleaners.

eangee prides itself on its fair trade and environmentally friendly practices and is another one of our fellow members on the Sustainable Furniture Council. They are dedicated to the value of sustainability, which as they put it means: "meeting the needs of today without compromising a better tomorrow." In environmental terms, they are constantly working towards the worthy goal of a zero carbon foot print, doing their own part to combat global climate change. eangee products highlight renewable materials such as cocoa leaves, abaca rope, nito vine, and durian fruit fiber.

The Three Principles of Eangee Home Design:

  • Fair Trade- A small family-owned manufacturing firm in the Philipines, located just outside the capital city of Manila, makes all the lighting in this collection. Many people travel to Manila from the provinces to find work and send money back home to loved ones. Not only does eangee home design make sure that the workers are provided strong living wages, but they also provide free quality housing, so that the workers can use more of their wages to help their families.
  • Sustainability- As mentioned above, sustainability is perhaps the most important value to Eangee Home Design, and its value we share at The Futon Shop. We both recognize the urgent need to reduce our carbon foot print and to put out quality products that show that you don't have to hurt the planet to have nice things!
  • Quality- All eangee home design products are made with an artisan attention to detail and attention to quality. The cast iron lamp frames are powder coated rather than spray painted and the floor lamps all have foot switches built in.

Fossilization is the process of drying leaves over a three to four month period and then hand rubbing the chlorophyll of the leaf so only the leaf’s skeleton remains. This is a labor-intensive process and no corrosive chemicals are used. once the chlorophyll is removed, the leaf is stained in organic dyes. Since the leaves are natural, each one will absorb dye differently. The resulting effect is a lamp with different hues and shades (sometimes within the same leaf).

There are a few cases in which the leaf may have a small tear before it was adhered to the lampshade; due to the low-impact sealant eangee uses, no tear will increase in size nor will any leaf pull from the shade. Only 20 percent of the leaves make it through the entire process for use for these shades.

Once the leaf is stained, it is adhered to a heat resistant backing; similar to the backing found on any standard lamp. The artists cut each leaf to ensure that no leaf will overlap. Finally, a strong sealant is used to ensure the stability and integrity of the shade.

Durian Fiber Purple Table Lamp, Wrought Iron Frame - Dimensions

Product Dimensions Diagram

Size A wall space (inches) B height (inches) C depth (inches)


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