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Devonshire Wallhugger Futon Frame Cherry

Devonshire Wallhugger Futon Frame Cherry - Full Double Queen Size

The Devonshire Wallhugger has flat surfaces with a super low arm profile that form built in end tables. They are sleek, allow space for taller sleepers and have a surface that is the perfect to rest the remote, books or magazines. All this with an ultra modern look, the Devonshire Wallhugger is a combination of form and function that can't be beat. A Separate ottoman folds up for easy storage underneath that serves as a handsome and functional ottoman or bench by itself. This ottoman combines with the sofa to complete the lounge position and bed position.

  • Easy Front Opening & Closing Sofa Bed
  • Converts To Sofa Bed Without Moving Away From The Wall
  • High-Quality Imported Hardwood Grown Utilizing Strict Standards Of Sustainable Forest Management
  • No Arms For Open & Airy Feeling
  • Available In Black, Cherry, Black Walnut & Maple Futon Frame Finishes
  • Available In Full & Queen Sofa Bed Sizes
  • Patented Mechanism
  • Limited Warranty

  • Aside from a stylish body, the Devonshire Wallhugger converts from a sofa to a bed without having to move it away from the wall at all. The Devonshire makes a great space saving futon for any living space.

    Sold Separately

    Please see Product Info for product care & assembly instructions.

    The Futon Shop is a Founding Member of the SFC

    Strata Furniture Logo Malaysian Timber Industry Board Certification mtib certification | Learn more about MTIB.

    Our partner’s at Strata Furniture have allowed us to provide you with a high quality, fashionable product made from sustainable Malaysian hardwoods. The instructions below will help keep your product beautiful.

      What makes a Wall hugger?

    A wall-hugger is a type of futon frame that does not require the frame to be moved away from the wall in order to convert the frame. Another name is zero tolerance futon.

    This makes the futon sofa significantly easier to convert into a bed, as the frame and mattress together can sometimes weigh over 300 pounds. Strata’s patented front loading mechanism makes converting a futon quick & easy for one person to accomplish with zero wear and tear on your floor and walls.

    Strata Furniture is the only futon frame company that makes a true wall-hugger zero tolerance futon. Place the frame next to the wall and the front loading mechanism allows you to convert the frame from sofa to bed quickly and easily, combining the versatility of a futon with an ease of use that will improve your quality of life.

      Sustainable Plantation Wood

    Strata Furniture’s patented designed wall huggers use top grade quality wood throughout the entire frame.  From the wood in the arms to the wood in the slats of the body.  This ensures a well built durable product not only on visible parts but on your entire piece of furniture.  The wood is Malaysian Hardwood (rubber wood) grown using Sustainable Forest Management to provide you with the best quality product and also care for our environment.  As wood is a natural material, your piece of furniture may have variations in the texture and color as compared to the floor sample, pictures or wood samples.  This variation adds to the uniqueness and style of yor product.

      Strata Frame Finish

    Strata Furniture ensures all it’s products are finished in a 5 step process to produce a beautiful durable finish.  As with wood, the finish will slightly vary as it takes to the wood and grain differently. If your product ever needs touchup we suggest Minwax stain markers available at your local hardware store.  Test the color on a non visible area first.

      Strata Product Care

    1. When moving your furniture do not lift products by the arm caps.
    2. When setting items on your furniture please use a coaster, felt or other protective products to protect the furniture.
    3. Beware that some felt pads may contain glue and when pressed down on arm caps can damage the furniture.
    4. Do not expose the frame to direct sunlight or heat as this may fade the finish
    5. For the Signature Line frames their is a felt lining for the back panel. Please periodically check the felt and replace if needed. Your local hardware should have similar felt.
    6. When converting the frame always pull the seat deck out horizontally until the roller hits the front groove and then lift vertically to avoid slamming the frame down.
    7. Periodically check to make sure bolts have not loosened and if need be tighten.

      Product Cleaning

    To clean your product wipe with a damp cloth.  Do not use solvent based products as they may harm the finish.  If using a household cleaner, test the cleaner on a non visible area before using on visible areas.

      Assembly Instructions

    Assembly Instructions Icon

    Devonshire Wallhugger Futon Frame Cherry - Full Double Queen Size

    Assembly Instructions

    Devonshire Wall Hugger in Cherry Finish - Choose Size - Dimensions

    Product Dimensions Diagram

    Bed A wall space (inches) B height (inches) C depth (inches) DD foot board height (inches)
    Full Double823338
    Full Double8226.554.7510.5


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